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BBC Radio1 Case Study Overview
Radio 1's Big Weekend (sometimes referred to as One Big Weekend) is a music festival run by BBC Radio 1. It is held once or twice or year, in a different location within the United Kingdom each time. It is the biggest free live music event in the UK and always includes a host of new artists.

For the 2006 event, a total of 30,000 tickets were been allocated following a draw involving around 300,000 hopefuls. This event, held on the 13th and 14th May 2006 featured artists which included:

Paolo Nutini
Franz Ferdinand
Gnarls Barkley
Primal Scream
The Streets
Snow Patrol

Avatars on the BBC Radio 1 islands could watch the event on live screens while the audience could see their virtual counterparts on massive stage side screens at the real event. The event has been hailed as the world's largest ever virtual world music festival, the first in-world broadcast by a major media corporation and a defining moment in new media.

The challenge for Bloozy's team was to install and manage a number of systems covering the massive areas in and around the main and secondary staging. Large posters were erected in and around these areas encouring attendees to "switch on their Bluetooth" to receive free content. (as pictured below) The BBC Content Managers brief was to deliver mobile phone wallpapers of the bands just as they left the stages after performing.

Bloozy installed five units in strategic locations around the staging areas, and in-line with the large Bluetooth posters advertising "Bluetooth Zones". Photographers provided photographs to the Bloozy team who then loaded the files onto the systems to be broadcasted out during the event.

Over the duration of the weekend, over 2000+ attendees received free mobile phone content to their phone. This is around 7% of the people who attended the event, which is a major achievement when it is an unknown just how many had a Bluetooth enabled phone with them for the event. Below are some examples of the free content available from the BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend.



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