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Bloozy - Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Systems. Next Generation of Advertising.

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This product allows you to get in touch directly with your customers using the latest in mobile phone technology; Bluetooth. Deliver flyers, promos, host competitions and more ..

Bloozy Ad-Point is the ultimate bluetooth proximity marketing broadcast technology. Our innovative product allows whole geographic locations to be transformed into "hotspots" promoting your products...

Ideal for not only marketing materials, but also educational materials. Bloozy Info-Point uses touch screen technology to allow users to select and download information direct to their mobile phone handsets...

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Bluetooth Marketing

Bluetooth Marketing . Bloozy offer the ultimate in Bluetooth Marketing products. Deliver content to mobiles and PDA’s quickly and with no transmission cost to either you or your target audience.


Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing .Deliver relevant, qualtiy media advertising and marketing materials to anyone within proximity of your Bloozy Bluetooth Marketing System.

Bluetooth Advertising

Bluetooth Advertising . Our Bluetooth Proximity Marketing products enable you to send a direct advertisement in a wide range of formats such as: Video, Audio, Text, Still Images and Animated Images.

Bluetooth Marketing Products

Bluetooth Marketing Products. At Bloozy we have a developed a range of products that utilise the functionality of Bluetooth technology to deliver targeted content to Bluetooth enabled devices.